Inspire. Innovate. Invent.

Tagbridge is a provider of innovative and complete technology-based solutions to address the diverse needs of people and organizations. We are a technology-driven solutions company based out of Bangalore - India having people with the vision, experience and dynamism to create solutions that comprehensively addresses a domain through the use of appropriate technology.

Our solutioning approach is based on being a partner to our clients and sharing in their vision. We ensure the creation of comprehensive solutions in a fast changing and globalised environment by:

This holistic approach to build complete solutions for a need rather than solving problems for a requirement ensures that our clients - an Organization or an Individual - are delighted with the solution.

Tagbridge's successful engagements with clients and partners is based on brilliant and committed people, utilizing the apt technology that suits the envisioned solution, supported by lean and effective processes. We foster an open culture, employing the best of the breed engineers who address a need with an open mind to build the right solution following processes designed for success.